Hayden's Ferry Review


Contributor Spotlight: Len Krisak

In the never-ending logomachia that completely consumes the poetry world every second of every day, I champion The Forces of Good and Right by making sure all my verse is in meter and/or rhyme. You should, too.
Also, this poem clearly demonstrates my sophistication and literary knowledge--so overwhelmingly, in fact, as to send Christopher Ricks into a spinning tizzy and thereafter place him in the shade. I refer to the perning gyre of course. But then, doesn't the poem truly chart the poet's progress, especially if he contends with a Muse? Perhaps this was put best by Len Krisak, who once wrote, "Let Frost awaiting form/Become the poet's norm."


Len Krisak is an American poet and translator. His work has appeared in Agneda, Commonweal, The Hudson Review, Tennesse Quarterly, The Weekly Standard, and elsewhere. In 1995, he was a contestant on Jeopardy, winning $43,399 in four games and giving himself a berth in that year's Tournament of Champions. His poem, "The Tragic Love Poet's Progress" appeared in Issue 55 of Hayden's Ferry Review.

Dana D