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JUST PULLED INTO PORT: T. Zachary Cotler | Peter and Lord

Check out the newest piece to hit our digital shelf! Sawtooth Prize winning poet, T. Zachary Cotler, treats us all to contemplative journey we won't soon forget. Head on over the The Dock and give it a nice warm reading.

You can read the Q&A between Jackie Balderrama and Cotler here: 

Q: This poem has a beautiful and seemingly simplistic style which builds on a biblical myth to draw attention to our current living situations. What led you to select religious characters for this poem? Do you feel that choice created an inherent juxtaposition with our current normality?

A: It's hard to be a literary critic of one's own work, always a little impoverishing. I truly don't know/remember what led me to it, and even to say that sounds a bit ponderous, so better to just think it and not confess it. No? If you must have a statement, could it be no more than this:I wrote on long walks at that time and had been reading Goethe then, so some themes from his poems and some phenomena in the canyon got tumbled with my particular politics/aesthetics, and then, after most of the politics boiled off, this was left. I prefer no statement at all, but I don't want to be difficult.


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