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Every month, we receive hundreds of prose and poetry submissions from emerging and established writers. The stories, essays, and poems we receive are ambitious, relevant, and emotionally moving. Unfortunately, we only have room to publish a small fraction of these in our print journal, and it saddens us to have to turn away so many amazing pieces.

To solve this problem, the Hayden's Ferry Review staff has decided to create an online space for writing that is timely, writing that excites us, writing that challenges our preconceived notions of form, writing that we just can't wait to share with the world. A dock is a safe space to rest between journeys, and it is also a means of connection. We hope that this special section of the blog will serve both of these purposes.

2014 July

Mark Dostert: "The Saint of 3F" (nonfiction)


David Ebenbach: "What My Father-in-Law Says" (poetry)


Jenna Le: "Book Report" (prose poetry)


Helen Ellis: "The Fitter" (fiction)


Amy Rossi: If You Need Me I Will Be Over Here Listening to "Slide It" on Repeat (fiction)
"500 for 500" Flash-Prose Contest: Honorable Mention


Dinah Cox: Bun in the Oven (fiction)
"500 for 500" Flash-Prose Contest: Honorable Mention

2015 January

Valerie Hsiung: from The Last Book (poetry)


Joseph Scapellato: We Try to Find the Spring in Spring Rock Park in Western Springs, Illinois (fiction)


Elise Burke: Staircases (fiction)

Dana D