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Website of the Week - Million Writers Award

The fifth annual Million Writers Award is now accepting your votes for best online short story of the year. The award is hosted by storySouth, the online journal that "aims to prove that the internet is not just a medium of flash and style; that excellent writing can attract attention without programming gimmicks and hard-to-read fonts."

The award was created by editor and publisher Jason Sanford in response to an attitude he kept running into: "that online publishing isn't as legitimate as anything that is printed on actual paper." The award was born from the idea that the internet is powerful enough to create a broad and far-reaching readership of the winning story, larger than the readership of the Best American Short Stories anthologies, whose editors ignore web-published stories.  

In his quest to identify the best short story of 2007, Sanford accepted story nominations from readers, writers and editors. With the help of preliminary judges, Sanford then narrowed down the nominees to the top 100, which he identifies as the Notable Stories of the year.  Sanford alone chose the top ten stories from that list, and then the internet-reading public (that means you!) picks the best story of the year.

Voting is open until July 17, so click on over and get reading.

This website was our runner-up.