Hayden's Ferry Review


Zhang Huan

This is rather last minute, but this is my only mildly-public forum and I feel it's necessary to share, so here goes.

If you live anywhere near New York City and can find your way to Chelsea before Friday at 4pm, you need to go by Pace Wildenstein's two spaces located at 534 W. 25th St and 545 W. 22nd St. There is a show up by the Chinese artist Zhang Huan that is so amazing and unique that I have a feeling that in 1o years it will still be talked about in hallowed tones. Buying the book or looking at the work online cannot do the show justice. His work has an incredible presence in person that cannot be translated. One of the monumental pieces will be destroyed in a few days time when the show closes. If you able to make it, it is worth any inconvenience it might cause.