Hayden's Ferry Review


Art Intermission Vol. 3

I first saw Susan E. Evans' work three and a half years ago in a photography context. Her work represents some of the more successful work I've seen that addresses the glut of images we (the civilized world full of cameras) have accumulated. In place of photographs, Evans uses text describing the missing image. It is a testament to the subjects and the words she chooses to describe them that these sheets of text have at least as much impact as the original source material. She did a series in response to the 9/11 images-- images we are so familiar with that just the words "Impact, Flight 175" bring back a flood of memories and emotions. With a few choice words, Evans successfully strikes a blow to the old adage that a picture's worth a thousand words. Also included here is an piece from a series entitled Faces, and another from a group of portraits of her mother.

AdamArt Intermission