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George Orwell, Blogger

The Orwell Prize is reproducing George Orwell's diaries in blog form. Starting on August 9, 1938 and continuing through October 1942, the entries are being revealed 70 years to the day they were written. Peter Davison's footnotes from the Complete Works are used to give further insight.

The diary entries cover everything from political opinions to notes about the weather and chicken farming. As reported by Time magazine, some Orwell fans are afraid the blogs will diminish the man.

But I think they're pretty cool. Today's the first day of school at ASU. Out my office window, it's over 100 degrees and students are everywhere. Said Orwell, 70 years ago, "Today hot again. Gipsies beginning to arrive for the hop-picking."

It's almost as if no time has passed.
Beth StaplesNews