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Website of the Week - 101 Reasons to Stop Writing

This site was created in response to the idea that writers are always given sage advice from experienced writers, but no one ever tells them to just give up. Having a hard time getting motivated? This site brings all of your worst fears out in to the open. Read about "International Slushpile Bonfire Day," or enjoy this helpful reimagining of the definition for writer's block: "the subconscious urge to abandon writing altogether."

Only 17 of the 101 reasons have actually been identified so far, maybe because the authors of this site can't find a reason to continue. Reasons include "Because You're Not Doing it Right" and "You Don't Buy Books."

If you're looking for a good website to procrastinate with, head on over. It might not fix your novel, but it will make you laugh. And hopefully remind you that even as hard as writing is, we're all still suffering together. So it must be worth it.
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