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Website (Blog) of the Week: Nathan Bransford

One of the most helpful blogs for writers (even Writer's Digest says so!) belongs to Nathan Bransford- Literary Agent for Curtis Brown, LTD, in San Francisco. There is a section of frequently asked questions about literary agents and the publishing process. Other sections are "References for Authors," "Agent/ Editor Blogs," "Writer Blogs," and "Book Blogs." His "Essentials" list of must-reads before you query an agent is fantastic - including how to find an agent, how to format your manuscript, and how to write a query letter. And his posts often receive comments in the hundreds, making his blog a place for writers to meet and talk to each other online. If you've got a manuscript in need of an agent, or just want to hear a little bit about what being an agent is like, Bransford's blog is indispensible.