Hayden's Ferry Review



Since we're sure all of you out there are eagerly awaiting 13 October we here at HFR have decided to commemorate (is that really the right word nowadays?) the day with a contest! Submit a short-short story that ties Columbus Day into the first line that we provide to hfr@asu.edu. Sorry, but we won't be able to accept anything but electronic submissions. The most original stories will be posted on our blog and the authors will receive a free copy of Hayden's Ferry Review, Issue 42. So here's what you have to do:

1. Submit a short-short story of about 200-300 words (approximately 1 page, double spaced) to hfr@asu.edu. Write "Blog Contest" in the subject line and attach your story as a Word file (ending in .doc, not .docx).

2. Don't forget to give us your information: first and last name, address, phone number, email address, etc. We gotta get your prize to you somehow!

3. The due date is 9 October, high noon.

And here's what we'll do:

1. The top five authors will receive a free copy of Hayden's Ferry Review, Issue 42.

2. The top five stories will be posted on our blog. One every day for the week of 13 October.

So here's the line to start you story—"It all started with the worst batch of peach preserve you can imagine and the first cigarette I ever tasted, though regrettably not the last." Don't forget to tie in Columbus Day in there somehow. Have at it!