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Unusual Calls for Submissions

To many of us, a hospital may be one of the most frightening scenarios there are. It can leave you completely vulnerable and places your livelihood in the hands of complete strangers. It’s the perfect formula for horrific tales. All that’s missing is YOU; the ideal catalyst. We are seeking stories from 2000 to 4000 words in length. The pay rate will be 1 cent a word and one contributor’s copy. Stories must have some connection with Bloom Memorial Hospital. The Hospital can be located anywhere for your tale. Indeed, Bloom Memorial exists as a complete hospital in many towns, but you can also get to it through any hospital or clinic in the world. All genres will be considered as long as the finished product scares the surgical scrubs right off of us. Think Dr. Mengele meets Bedlam hospital and make it that much worse. Here for more.

The Choosing America Project
We are looking for authentic dramatic anecdotes, short stories (1500-4000 words) that epitomize your experience as immigrants who CHOSE to live in America. Think of something that has happened to you as an immigrant - We are looking for those special moments, encounters, surprises, experiences, disappointments, which vividly convey what it's like to be an immigrant in America. The good, the bad, the sad, the miraculous, the joyful— every anecdote is welcome as long as it's authentic and well told. IF YOU HAVE A GOOD STORY – WE WANT TO HEAR IT! The goal of our project is to turn some of these stories into short films that will be shown in the movies and broadcast on TV. So think carefully of that special story that is worth telling the world, and share it with us. Send your story to: stories@choosingamerica.com. We'll be glad to answer any further questions you might have. Here for more.

Dia de los Muertos Anthology

We are looking for well-crafted, original stories from 2000 to 5000 words which involve Dia de los Muertos in some way. Other than that, subject matter is fairly open. There is a lot of room for creativity here and we want stories which explore this theme in a variety of ways. We like stories which are more literary in nature, but we welcome elements of fantasy and/or subtle horror, magical realism, etc. We are not looking for excessive blood and gore for this antho, although we are not opposed to some blood if done properly and appropriate to the story. Here for more.


Entries Due: November 1, 2008. Winners Announced: December 2008. What We're Looking For: This contest seeks work that speaks to the mission of Dante's Heart: A Journal of Myth, Fairytale, Folklore, and Fantasy. Dante's Heart (www.dantesheart.com) is an online venue looking for creative work that explores how myth and fairy tale define and are defined by the human experience(s). We want to celebrate the shock, wonder, bewilderment, suffering, and enchantment of myth, of the fantastic; we want to hear about rivers running with wine and ghosts jumping the Mississippi on motorcycles. We're concerned with the neglect of myth, with the blindness of a culture determined by myths it hasn't thought about; we demand (beg, entreat, scream) that myths be thought about, made and remade, handled with a delicate & angry/sad/ desperate/joyous exuberance. Here for more.

Call for Submissions: Junctures
Junctures: The Journal for Thematic Dialogue is calling for submissions for its special issue on the theme of " Island." Junctures is a peer-reviewed, international journal which is indexed by Thomson Gale and EBSCO, and provides full, free direct access on line. Please take a look at our web site to see samples of previous issues. We are looking for creative work (visual and written, fiction, poetry, and nonfiction) and scholarly material from any discipline on this theme. Poets should submit up to three poems. Fiction or nonfiction should be marked accordingly. Response time is 30 days after submissions close, so please don't simultaneously submit. Include a short bio. Here for more.
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