Hayden's Ferry Review


Alberto Rios' ONEBOOKAZ Award

Congratulations to ASU Regents Professor and HFR advisor and contributor Alberto Rios for winning the ONEBOOKAZ Prize for his memoir, Capirotada: A Nogales Memoir! The contest is designed to celebrate Arizona literature by encouraging people to read and comment on the two chosen books [Adult and Children Categories]. ONEBOOKAZ facilitates book discussions, author readings, panel discussions to foster a sense of community by the shared experience of reading the same books.

Rios' memoir was chosen by an online public vote of 46%. The name capirotada comes from a Mexican bread pudding which is made from many different ingredients and reflects the mixed community and traditions Rios faced while growing up in Nogales, Arizona.

Rios is the author of ten books of poetry, three collections of short stories and the memoir Capirotada. His next book, The Dangerous Shirt, is forthcoming from Copper Canyon Press.

Roni Capin Rivera-Ashford's book Hip, Hip, Hooray, It's Monsoon Day! won the ONEBOOKAZ prize in the children's category. Previous recipients for the award have been Barbara Kingsolver for Animal Dreams and Mark Spragg's An Unfinished Life.