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So What's There to do in Phoenix? (Lit-Wise)

Yeah, yeah, yeah, Phoenix may not be New York or San Francisco, but we've got our fair share of fun art and literature events. We'll keep you posted of these events (and more!) in our sporadically updated review "So, what's there to do in Phoenix?"

(NotExactlyA)LitEvent: Changing Hands' "Books for Schools"

It probably doesn't need to be said but all of us over here at Hayden's Ferry Review really love books. I mean, the Piper Center itself is nearly bursting with books; we've got them stacked in random corners and crevices of the center. Our houses too follow the strange design concept of migratory books-- that is, piles of books that have a daily exodus from desk to bed to desk again. Mostly because we have nowhere else to put them but also because we just love seeing all of those books stacked up on each other, like little anthills of literature. It makes me smile just now thinking about it.

Anyways. For most of us, our love of books began sometime in childhood and so we believe *cue sappy rant* that all children should have as much opportunity to pore over those golden treasures as we did in our youth. That's why we're spreading the word about Changing Hands' event "Books for Schools." It's easy enough. November 1 through December 31, 2008, a percentage of your Changing Hands purchases will go to the school of your choice. They'll save a copy of your receipt and donate 20% of the purchase towards a gift certificate for your preferred school-- just make sure and indicate which school at time of purchase. All purchases of new and used books, music, cards, calendars and gifts can go towards the donation.