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Unusual Calls for Submissions

Subject: Call for Subs: Umbrella
Umbrella, the supremely rereadable electronic journal, is now reading for our winter issue, online December 1st. In addition to reading works of a general nature, our theme for the Winter edition will be popular culture. Movies, TV shows, music, fashions, trends, pop icons and iconography: intrigue us with poems that recognize the depths beneath the shallows. Deadline: November 10.

30 Below Story Contest
Narrative is calling on writers, visual artists, photographers, performers, and filmmakers, ages eighteen to thirty, to tell us a story. We are interested in narrative in the many forms it takes: the word and the image, the traditional and the innovative, the true and the imaginary. Awards: First Prize is $1,500, Second Prize is $750, and Third Prize is $300. The prize winners will be announced in Narrative. Additionally, ten finalists will be chosen and announced in the magazine. All entries will be considered for publication. (Limit of two entries per individual.) Go here for more.

Protest Poems Org is inviting submissions of political poetry for the first issue of the new journal.
We are looking for excellent poetry that just happens to shout about current political and humanitarian concerns. Paste your poems (max 5 one-page poems) in the body of an email and send to (replace (at) with @). Please be aware that our interest in bipartisan and US- or Euro-centered politics is limited. For example, we think it’s much more interesting to contemplate the effect that the oil industry has on the human rights of Nigerians living along the pipelines, than the affect it has on our wallets. Nuanced issues are interesting. Partisan campaigning is not. More here.

Call for submission of personal accounts from mothers who have survived domestic violence.
Our upcoming anthology, Motherhood and Domestic Violence (working title), will explore the complexities of mothering in a violent home through stories, essays, and poems written by survivors.
The stories we receive from survivors will in large part dictate the structure of our book. We will focus on the survivor’s experience being a mother while living in violence, rather than on the impact of domestic violence on children. We are interested in thoughts, feelings, and recollections of events – whatever the survivor is willing to share about her experience. Questions or concerns? Contact Mary Zelinka at PO Box 3047, Albany, OR 97321-0700 or email to *replace (at) with @.


Alice Pope, who will be editing the 2010 edition of Novel & Short Story Writer's Market, welcomes submissions for the next edition of NSSWM. Alice would like pitches for articles and interviews that fit the following sections in the book: The Writing Life, Craft & Technique, Getting Published, For Mystery Writers, For Romance Writers, and For Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Writers. To get an even better idea of what is wanted, you should check out a copy of the 2009 Novel & Short Story Writer's Market at your local bookstore or library. Queries can be sent to Alice's attention at (replace (at) with @).

Fantasy Magazine is an online weekly magazine of all forms of fantasy fiction.
High fantasy, contemporary and urban tales, surrealism, magical realism, science fantasy, and folktales can all be found in our pages. The editors are Cat Rambo and Sean Wallace. We are looking for stories that delight, entertain, and enrapture readers, stories ranging from delicious treats that melt on the tongue, leaving only a trace of sweetness, to the dark and poignant tale whose memory lingers with you for days, perhaps years. Fantasy Magazine is entertainment for the intelligent genre reader — send us stories of the fantastic that make us think, and tell us what it is to be human while amazing us with your mastery of language and story elements. From the very first issue, Fantasy has featured authors of significant literary reputation, such as Jeffrey Ford, Caitlin R. Kiernan, Stewart O'Nan, and Holly Phillips. Send us your best. More here.
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