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Unusual Calls for Submissions

Submissions: Fear and Loathing. From Last Exit Magazine: We certainly don't need to be the ones to tell you, but these are indeed serious times. We have a messy race to the White House--is there ever any other kind?--that appears headed to the wire. Wall Street, or at least the Wall Street that we once knew, is dead. We've just seen the Dow suffer its worst single-day point drop ever, to go along with the biggest bank failure in American history. Which brings us to our 10th issue. We are calling it Fear and Loathing, and it's all about politics and economy. And for this one, we've decided to try something a little different. Instead of publishing a complete issue on a specific date, we want to collect as much content between now and the Nov. 4 election day and post each piece as it comes into us. Consider it a running commentary on the news of our time. The last date that we can accept a submission is Oct. 29.

Thank you in advance for submitting to MAKE: A CHICAGO LITERARY MAGAZINE. PROPERTY LINES is the theme for the Fall/Winter 2008 issue, to be released in November. We are seeking work that addresses property in all respects: physical, intellectual, and personal. Quality of work is always the first consideration. The deadline is October 17, 2008. Submit online here.

Rusty Bumper Presents A seasonal writing competition. In the spirit of Halloween rustybumperworld.com is inaugurating a writing competition for entries in either poetry or prose form on or about Halloween. Share your best original poems or prose (fiction or non-fiction including creative non-fiction) on any theme or topic related to Halloween.

Tattoo Highway, an online journal of prose, poetry and art, is now reading for TH/18: "Diners, Dives & Michelin Stars" ~ the food issue. Deadline January 15, 2009. GENERAL GUIDELINES: Our tastes are eclectic. We like fresh, vivid language, and we like stories and poems that are actually about something -- that acknowledge a world beyond the writer's own psyche. If they have an edge, if they provoke us to think or make us laugh, so much the better. We strongly suggest reading a previous issue or two before submitting.

Jessy Randall is guest-editing the February 2009 issue of the online poetry magazine Snakeskin. The theme of this issue is ... TOYS, GAMES, AND PUZZLES. Please send up to six poems on the topic of toys, games, and puzzles. No
previously-published poems. No simultaneous submissions. The deadline is December 15.

Subject: Call for Submissions: New Bodies, Old Beliefs. Queerphilosopy is looking for essays and pieces of creative non-fiction for an anthology slotted for 2009. Pieces should explore how individuals navigate through current ideas of sexuality and gender identity when faced with traditional philosophies and religions. Although we are interested in addressing our predominate religions, we relish analysis of all modes of thought and belief. Please submit work that is at least 1000 words to (replace (at) with @).

The Survivorʼs Review, a quarterly online journal encouraging the creative expression of cancer survivors, is seeking stories, essays and poems by those who are intimately familiar with the cancer journey. If you have written a piece that explores the heart of what it means to be a cancer survivor or care giver, please consider submitting your work to us at www.survivorsreview.org. Submissions accepted here. Our word count is flexible, but most of our features range from 100 to 1,000 words. Please visit our site and contact us with any questions. Submissions received by October 20, 2008 will be considered for publication in our next issue.

"Miracles are waiting just around the corner," says young essayist Ariel Ellis in the latest issue of the online journal Sea Stories. We accept submissions by ocean-lovers from all backgrounds and walks of life - writers, artists, educators, students, scientists, fishers, conservationists, explorers, and just regular people.
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