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Website of the Week: Kids on the Net

Kids on the Net is celebrating a decade of being a tool for children who love to write.

Here's a rundown of what Kids on the Net offers:
*The "Writing With a Difference" section has an online teacher, tips on media, and takes submissions.
*"Authors and Reading" has book reviews and advice from authors.
*"All About Me" is where kids can create their own profiles. Membership is free.
*"Creative Writing" is the forum of stories, poems, friends, animal stories and a section of teen writing.
*"Tell Us About It" has reports, competitions (that offer prizes!), computer games and events.
*"Teachers" has resources for teachers.

The site also has links to other creative writing sites for kids that are more specific, such as a site for Haikus. This site lets kids be creative and provides a smoother transition into being an teen and adult writer.

I wrote a series of stories about Carmel the Killer Whale when I was about eight. I even drew pictures to go with the stories. To this day, the only animal I can draw is a killer whale. If Kids on the Net was around then, Carmel would have been famous.
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