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News Around the Net

Letters from famous serial killers/lovers for sale online.

Constance Briscoe wins the libel suit brought against her by her mother for her memoir Ugly.

Having your ashes scattered in Jane Austen's garden has now been banned.

A soon-to-be-realeased, gay-friendly Bible has angered many Christians. Surprises abound.

Obama was predicted in, you guessed it, a sci-fi story of the 1920s by a Brazilian author.

Authors for hire - please go lower!

The NYT picks the ten best books of the year.

New/original versions of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland go on sale.

Jan Pienkowski retells the story of the Nut Cracker with a dark twist.

South Korea has its own "bookcity."

Alex Ross has won The Guardian's First Book Award, and its hefty cash prize, for The Rest is Noise: Listening to the Twentieth Century.

The title says it all, "The End of an Era at Random House."

Sony's Reader is now rivaling Amazon's Kindle.