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News Around the Net

In the trenches of book groups.

Sci-Fi's "biggest fan," Forrest J. Ackerman, dies at 92.

Turkish writers issue formal, public apology for Armenian genocide.

Imagine you're nine-years old and you've written a book. Now imagine that book has been published. Imagine further that you receive a 6-figure movie deal from Fox. Now imagine that it's not you but a boy named Alex Greven, from Colorado. Lucky sod.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez has written a new book!

The most recent Nobel Laureate uses his Nobel lecture to castigate information poverty.

Nintendo—yes, that Nintendo—is making its handheld DS system into an e-book reader with 100 titles ready at the press of a button.

Nature words (beaver, acorn, magpie, etc.) have been replaced with technology terms (blog, broadband, MP3 player, etc.) in the Oxford Junior Dictionary.

A bail-out for writers? Hm, not such a bad idea, really.

The 2009 International Prize for Arabic Fiction (or, the Arab Booker) has announced its shortlist.

The American Library Association has inaugurated its William C. Morris Young Adult Debut Award.

Random House's Books=Gifts campaign features video of celebrities sharing their reasons why books make great gifts.

A scary time for U.S. publishers.

Is your reading list affected by the season?