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Website of the Week: Bibliotherapy

The author of this week's website is a Londoner who has a long history of writing. Justine Picardie has written two novels, five nonfiction books, edited an anthology, and has been a journalist for years. She has written for Vogue and The Telegraph.

Her most recent writing venture caught our eyes here at Hayden's Ferry Review. It's Bibliotherapy, where Picardie offers daily suggestions of what one should read while experiencing different emotions. This column, published since September in The Telegraph and on Picardie's blog, has examples of literature to read while feeling abandoned, jealous, or shut out. She also has ideas for what to read when one's credit is crunched or when one has writer's block.

So if you're curious, you can find the Bibliotherapy archives on Justine's blog. We look forward to more Bibliotherapy!
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