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LAST DAY! Worst Love Poem/Flash Fiction Contest

Just wanted to remind you all that the Worst Love Poem/Flash Fiction contest closes at 12:00AM TONIGHT (FEB 13TH). You still have a good chance at getting into the top three, so don't delay!

You're so sweet
Horseflies keep hangin' 'round your face
Kentucky moonshine
Could never take your place
And your eyes
Could give me goose bumps down to my toes
Feel like the only rooster in the hencoop,
And I guess it shows.
--Neal Diamond

Have you recovered from the "compliment" of those first two lines yet? If you haven't, we'll give you a few minutes. Are you back? OK, here's the scoop: HFR is hosting the Worst Love Poem/Flash Fiction contest in honor of Valentine's Day! Go ahead and interpret this any way you want. Entertain us with witty satire, clever puns, or just the worst clichés you can drag up. Woo us until we vomit.

Rules for entering:
1) One poem or one flash fiction piece (max 500 words) per entry.
2) E-mail your entry to hfr@asu.edu with the subject VALENTINE'S DAY CONTEST.

The top three entries in each category will be published on the blog, and each winner will receive a free one-year subscription to Hayden's Ferry Review!

The work will be judged, and the winners will be notified by e-mail and be published on the blog the following week. Happy writing!