Hayden's Ferry Review


Getting to Know the HFR Interns.....

Every semester Hayden's Ferry Review welcomes six new interns to help out with processing submissions and various other sundry and secret acts they're not permitted to talk about. But they are allowed to talk about themselves. For a peek behind the scenes at who gets knee-deep in the slush pile, here are our interns...

Hey guys!!! I’m Rebecca, I’m from Chicago, Illinois. This is my last semester here at Arizona State University. I’m a Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies major with the concentrations of Mass Communication and Creative Writing. I hope to be a magazine editor someday or work along the lines of PR for a fashion magazine. Dream big is what I like to say. Now, as far as my personal life, lets see, I’m obsessed with Twilight, and lets get real, who wouldn’t want a charming and flawless Edward? As far as food goes, I’m a huge fan when it comes to sushi and Japanese food. That’s about it. We've got lots of fun events planned for the calendar so take a look and see for yourself.

Hi, my name is Elizabeth. I'm an English major with a concentration in Creative Writing. I was born and lived in Vermont for nearly 13 years before moving to Arizona, and I go back and forth between missing the country and being perfectly content to relax in 70 degree weather when they're snowed in at -20! It's probably not surprising given my degree choice that my principal interests include reading and writing. I also enjoy crafts like cross stitching and beading. My favorite book is Persuasion by Jane Austen, and I love fruit, my favorite being mango. Happy reading and writing everyone!

Hey guys, my name is Dolmii Dee Remeliik. I'm a senior at ASU,majoring in English with a concentration in Creative Writing. I love music, karaoke, baking, and Hawaiian delight pizza. And of course I love to read! I love Gabriel Garcia Marquez's novels, especially Love in the Time of Cholera, which was introduced to me by Beth. I also love to read Agatha Christie's mystery novelsstarring crime detective Hercule Poirot. I make time for CSI: Las Vegas on Thursday nights and re-runs of Friends every weekday at 5pm. I should be making time for writing. I hope to make writing a career, as well as teaching English in Palau, my home island.

Hey everyone, it’s Kelly. I escaped Minnesota four years ago to come to this beautiful climate. I am currently majoring in both Creative Writing and Accounting. I’d love to someday have a job that deals with publishing books. I will read almost anything and have a certain fondness for historical novels. For a time I was obsessed with Harry Potter. I love the television shows The West Wing and Gilmore Girls, and watch the DVD’s frequently. I plan on resurrecting a weekly blog entry called "From the Intern’s Desk," so make sure you check it out!

My name is Aaron Falvey and I am a post-bacc student at ASU. I am married with a wonderful wife and child. Currently my writing god is Bernard Malamud, subject to change without notice. I have also been reading Miranda July, Isaac Asimov and a lot of Phillip Roth lately. I like my food carbonized, my car with a manual transmission, and Pilot pens. I am currently trying to read five short stories a day. I am very happy to be interning at the Piper House and for the Hayden's Ferry Review this semester.

Hey guys! I'm Melissa , I'm an English literature major. I enjoy rock climbing, playing board games, and collecting high-top sneakers. After graduation, I hope to study in China, and go to graduate school. I'd really like to do humanitarian work in Cambodia and/or rural China. My 2009 Oscar picks are Meryl Streep for best actress; Sean Penn for beset actor; and Slumdog Millionare for best picture. My favorite writers are Michael Chabon, Jamaica Kincaid, Judith Butler, Milan
Kundera, and Carol Rumens. I'm so excited to be interning for the Piper House.

Rebecca Marton