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Unusual Calls for Submissions

Postmark / Email receipt deadline: April 3, 2009. Like its print counterpart, the video essay is an attempt of personal reflection while engaging with the facts of the world. The video essay, writes Phillip Lopate, "wears proudly the confusion of an independent soul trying to grope in isolation toward truth." Agnes Varda, the poetic French filmmaker who coined the term cinécriture, or film-writing, best described the promise of the video essay when noting that, for her, writing meant more than simply wording a script. Choosing images, designing sound—these, too, are part of that process. At its best, the video essay combines the visceral power of sound and image, building a sympathetic resonance with language and taking a direct route to the senses. We believe this emerging form of creative nonfiction to be, by its very nature, personal, poetic, open to invention. We invite your explorations. Specifically, Blackbird is seeking video essays between two and ten minutes in length (with five to seven minutes being an ideal). More here.

Call For Submissions:
New Delta Review
Our theme is Deltafications: Forces Meeting, Colliding. Please send us your non-fiction on the theme of deltas and deltafications. We are interested in work that explores the space and moment at which two forces meet. We are looking for a variety of deltafications, including but not limited to the geographical sort. Topics include: the more or less triangular tract of alluvial land formed at the mouth of a river, and enclosed or traversed by its diverging branches; any triangular space or figure; the constellation of the Triangle. Pythagorean theory, bottle necks, weddings, special interests groups collaborating, train tracks, freeways, social clicks uniting, power plays, love triangles, and things that shouldn't come together but do: raisins and chicken salad. Both short (3,000) and medium length (6,000) are welcomed. SUBMISSION DEADLINE: March 10, 2009.

The Gun Stories: Submissions Guidelines
We’re looking for noisy tales of the Weird South. Strange stories with a ragged sort of energy. You don’t need to be a Southern writer (or an American, for that matter), though we’re certainly interested in Southern perspectives. Nor does your story have to take place below the Mason-Dixon line. What we do need to see is some kind of anchor in the South – a character indelibly informed by the region, or themes of special Southern relevance. We’re looking for speculative fiction of every stripe: horror, sci-fi, fantasy, slipstream. We’re looking for confident prose and bizarre ideas. More here.

Call for Submissions: Canary online environmental literary webpage
Seeking poems, short fiction and essays (prose not to exceed 1500 words) on Nature and the current dangers to it. Please look at Canary before submitting to see what we use.

TallGrass Writers Guild
DEADLINE EXTENDED TO 3-31. Working title: Fearsome Fascinations. We interpret broadly; can mean fascination wi th the paranormal as well as snakes and spiders, and dangerous/extreme sports, addictions and the allure of Forbidden Fruit: Bad Boys, Vamps, flirty married bosses, vices, etc. Especially interested in poetry. No limit on number of submissions in either category. FOR COMPLETE GUIDELINES WITH REQUIRED ENTRY FORM: outriderpress@sbcglobal.net or tallgrassguild@sbcglobal.net

Fairy Tale Review
The Red Issue, the sixth issue of Fairy Tale Review, will be the first themed issue ever, devoted to work hewn from "Little Red Riding Hood." I will read from February 15, 2009 to June 15,2009 for this issue. I welcome email submissions per the guidelines on the FTR website. The issue is forthcoming in Fall 2010. I can only consider unpublished work, though new translations of previously published work always are welcome (with the appropriate permission to translate in hand from the writer or the estate for work not in the public domain). There are no length or form guidelines or restrictions. Complete guidelines may be found on the website.

[out of nothing] is an electronic publication interested in new works in image, sound, text, and the intersections between these media. Generally speaking, we are actively seeking works that address, in some manner: * the vacuum * salvage / remainders * imaginary spaces possessed of imaginary dimensions * darkness / lightlessness * reduced or infinitesimal means * the exponential * self-abnegating symbols * the blank * obliteration * the inconsequential * refusal * the contentless / general contentlessness * the generic and / or undifferentiated and / or the contra-original * adhesive agents in search of clients to bind * none of the above or below. Specifically, issue #2 (Spring / Summer 2009) will have as its theme: [a new frame of nothing]. If you would like for your work to be considered for our next issue, please submit your work to shelling.peanuts(at)gmail.com [replace (at) with @] by March 8th, 2009.