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April is National Poetry Month!

Tomorrow, April 1st, we will begin the celebration of the National Poetry Month and the release of the 2009 poster. This year’s selected poster is created by renowned illustrator and graphic designer Paul Sahre. The Academy of American Poets will distribute about 200,000 free copies of Sahre’s poster to schools, libraries, and anyone who is interested in owning a copy. The poster features an image of T.S Elliot’s lines “Do I dare/ Disturb the Universe?” from his poem, “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock,” written on the surface of a fogged window. Beyond the fogged window are blurred images of what appear to be trees. Sahre produces an image that inspires and invites thought and reflection on poetry. This is why we celebrate National Poetry month: we come together to commemorate and value poetry and its vital role in our lives.

You can view and order a copy of the 2009 National Poetry Month Poster at the poster gallery at Poets.org. You can also order copies of previous year’s selected posters. Explore for awhile, too, when you’re at the site and find out about more events. The Academy of American Poets invite you to become involved by offering opportunities, such as Poem In Your Pocket Day where, on April 30th, you carry around one of your favorite poems to share with family, friends, co-workers, teachers, classmates, or anyone else you feel would enjoy a poem. Happy National Poetry Month!
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