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Phoenix Public Panels Poetry - Present your Person

Join us for a celebration of public art on Friday, April 3. At 7:00 PM the City of Phoenix will be dedicating the newest set of its 7th Avenue Streetscape Panels. These are light boxes that feature fine art and poetry, in a pedestrian friendly setting. The Project puts art in front of the people everyday, and only takes work that from writers who have not had a commission from the city before. This insures an emphasis on artists that may not have had their work displayed publically before, something that we here at HFR can get behind as we also try to bring the best of new works to the reading public. Poets will read their work at ten minute intervals until 8pm. We'll be there supporting two of our own: Sean Nevin, with work that will start its tenure at the outdoor gallery that night, and also Elizabyth Hiscox, who will be able to take her panel home in pride now that it has finished it's tenure.

This happening on a First Friday, the monthly celebration of art in downtown Phoenix, so there is sure to be a crowd. Come early, and support public art and poetry. We'll see you there.
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