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News Around the Net

Richard Wright, the author of Black Boy and Native Son, will get his own stamp.

14 never-before-seen Kurt Vonnegut stories to be released in November 2009.

Joyce Carol Oates receives the Gold Medal of Honor from the National Arts Club.

Prizes for non-fiction, the Orange Prize shortlist, the Desmond Elliott Prize longlist and the Galaxy British Book Awards are announced.

Genre fiction, Romance in particular, is flourishing in this hard economy. Even Gloria Vanderbilt is getting in on it!

Kim Dong Hwa is an emerging voice in American comics.

Could the Kindle be destined for a short life?

The late Michael Crichton left behind two novels to be published over the next two years.

Introducing...the Vook!

Margaret Atwood speaks from Hong Kong.

The O. Henry Prize Stories gets a new name.

The peril behind sequels.

The top ten books of magic from literature.

The Jane Austen/Zombie-fest is an unexpected best-seller.

The work of maids and butlers in fiction.

A few words you might think came from science but actually came from science fiction.

Why sex is so hard to write about.