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Unusual Calls for Submissions

Anthology on the Corporate Academy Seeks Short Story and Poetry Submissions
In his recent article “The Last Professor” (NY Times, Jan 09), Stanley Fish outlines the current state of affairs in the Academy. Drawing on the recently published The Corporate University and the Fate of the Humanities (Fordham UP, 2008) by Frank Donoghue, Fish writes of the promotion of corporate values in learning, the shrinking number of tenure-stream positions within the Academy (currently 35% in the US), and the expendability of professors who, within the model of the for-profit university, are simple “delivery people” rather than individuals who, after many years of study and research, inspire students and foster insight. Hidden Academics: Contract Faculty in Canadian Universities (University of Toronto Press, 2002) by Indhu Rajagopal paints a similar picture within the Canadian context. “Rooms Without A View”, the working title for an anthology exploring the experience of working on contract within Academia in the current historical moment, seeks creative submissions in the forms of short stories, poetry, or creative essay. This collection of creative writing documenting and describing the current social and historical moment of the Academy will be accompanied by a critical introduction which analytically frames the collection. Submission Guidelines: Short stories and creative essays: 3000-5000 words; Poems: any length; Format: word file with the genre of your submission in the entry line. Please submit by June 1st to Rita Gagliano and Lisa Fiorindi at
r_gagliano@earthlink.net and lisa_fiorindi@yahoo.ca.

Catastrophia will be a collection of stories loosely themed around the theme of catastrophes, disasters and post-apocalyptic fiction. I will be looking for original, unpublished stories which deal in a modern manner with these classic SF- and Horror-based tropes. Rights and other technical details: I’m looking only for original material - no reprints. I will be buying First British and First North American Rights for your story with a one-year moratorium subsequent to publication. I can offer 3p/6c a word up to a maximum payment of £100 / $200 per story. The book will be published by PS Publishing and the current expected pub date is summer 2010. Submissions: The submission period will open on 1st August 2008 and will last until 31st May 2009 or whenever the book is full. Unless specified otherwise, all submissions should be sent as disposable hard copies to: Allen Ashley; Editor: Catastrophia; 110d Marlborough Road; Bounds Green; London, N22 8NN; England. Please include an email address for reply or a stamped and addressed envelope. Response time will be three months or less. Stories should ideally be in the range of 2000 to 6000 words although both longer and shorter tales will be considered. More here.

Call for submissions from Eyebrow Journal of Pop Culture, Celebrity, & Fleeting Fame:
Eyebrow is a newly launched online journal of satire and humor with a decided pop culture/celeb obsession persuasion. Think Perez Hilton meets Jonathan Swift. We are currently accepting submissions for our first issue. All submissions should be sent to
eyebroweditor@gmail.com and should be pasted into the body of the email. The subject of the email should indicate the genre of submission along with the author’s name and the word “Submission.” Please include an author’s bio and a brief cover letter. We’re looking for fiction/essay/creative nonfiction 750 words or less and poetry no longer than 30 lines per poem. See the site for more detailed guidelines.

Moon Poem Broadside Contest – No Fee
Do you have a poem about the Moon? Moonlight? Phases or effects of the moon? What waxes or wanes? Clever personifications? Something new under the moon? Twin Cranes Press is sponsoring a free Moon poem broadside contest. The winning entry will be produced in a limited, numbered edition of 100 copies, of which 25 go to the author and 75 will be sold to raise funds to support Moonlit, a Chicago-based literary journal edited by Lisa Janssen and Claire McMahon. In the event of a tie, the press may publish co-winners. The fundraising event for Moonlit will be held in Cleveland on June 13th, and the winning poet will be invited to attend and read the winning entry. Twin Cranes Press of Canton, Ohio publishes occasional projects to raise funds to support journals, literary centers, and causes it deems worth. Winner(s) will be selected by the editors, Robert Miltner and Lisa Vargas. The guidelines are simple and are as follows: All forms of poetry considered; Include author contact information—name, address, phone number, email—on each submission; Poets should submit no more than three entries; Limit poems to approximately 30 lines; 12 point font, please; Previously published poems considered if poet holds copyright and publication information (journal, issue, year, page or website) is provided; Poems may be co-authored; Rights revert back to author upon printing; Electronic submissions only. Put your last name in the subject line. Attach your poem(s) in a word file AND paste the poem(s) in 12 point font in the body of the email. Deadline is midnight, May 31, 2009. Results of contest will be sent electronically after decisions are made. Put “Question” in the subject line. Send submissions to

River Poets Journal seeking submissions for “Special Edition” in editorial collaboration with Joseph Reich, poet, philosopher, social worker, dreamer, family man...
Title: Jukebox Junction USA: a poetic history to how music moved you. Deadline: August 31, 2009. Theme: Please consider that song you recall from your adolescence and youth, which significantly and profoundly moved you from a sentimental and nostalgic point-of-view; Perhaps it was when you found out he/she liked you, when he/she broke up with you, used to just love to croon in the shower for one reason or another, loved to drive to and always heard on the radio, some life-transition, loss or abandonment, some arrested stage of development, or maybe simply just that stage of growth and development in which you may have felt unconditionally satisfied and contented. We are interested in hearing from all backgrounds and age groups, all topographical regions, all generations and genres, which may include all the way back to good ol New Orleans Dixie Jazz, perhaps a great solo by Coltrane or Miles Davis, Doo-Wop from The Fifties, the great folk singers and rock and rollers of The Sixties; Soul, Motown, Philadelphia Sound; Wherever you may have been in The Seventies, whether it be Hard Rock, Reggae, Bubblegum Rock, Disco, All that strange (English Influenced) New Wave, Alternative, Progressive or Punk from The Eighties, Grunge or Rap in The Nineties, all the way up to the present day. In writing your poem, please base it on one simple verse (and supply us with it). One that sentimentally and transcendentally stands out, or sticks in your mind. Take us back to that place in time from a lyrical or narrative, or psychological and social and cultural point-of-view, taking into consideration, of course, and making the effort to integrate a sense of "time and place," atmosphere and mood. Also, please note, in keeping with the nature and consistency of this theme, submissions will be limited solely to American songs. So again, we will need 3 things: 1. Your demographics for each song; 2. The verse for each individually submitted poem; 3. The poem. Here for more.
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