Hayden's Ferry Review


Website of the Week -- Poets & Writers

If you haven't checked out the Poets & Writers site before, it has a lot of great resources for writers, including a few impressive databases for things like writing contests and literary magazines (and you can modify the listings a bit to just display what you're interested in). What I want to particularly acknowledge is their new Literary Events Calendar. Things like reading events and workshops are listed on the national level. You can modify the calendar so only events in your state or city (cities are limited at this time, but all the states are available for selection) are displayed. Content is determined by those hosting or affiliated with the event adding their event to the calendar, so it may not be completely comprehensive. However, it's a great place to browse if you feel like going to a literary event and you want to get a sense of what is taking place in your area. Some events are placed on the calendar in advance -- for example, there are already several listings in August -- so you can plan ahead if you need to.