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New Around the Net

Amazon is now a (self)publisher.

Poetry slam at the White House.

Growing popularity of e-books may be causing an increase in literary piracy.

Derek Walcott has withdrawn from the race to be Oxford's next professor of poetry after allegations of sexual harassment.

There are too few great "gypsy" stories.

A list of the top ten "underground" books.

Dealing with Katrina through poetry, three years later.

The Publishing Triangle honors the best lesbian and gay fiction, nonfiction, and poetry published in 2008.

We've seen books turned into Tweets, now it's time for Tweets to be turned into a book.

SF writer Roger Zelazny's lost manuscript (a mystery) will finally be published.

A wonderful miscellany; "broads," writer rights, and literary beards. Click here for the original comment on the Orange Prize "for broads." Outraged yet?