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News Around the Net

The best books, a la Google Squared.

And without further ado, the prestigious Orange Prize goes to Marilynne Robinson, for Home.

Derek Walcott has left Oxford for Alberta. In a related story, an anonymous "high-profile" poet puts his/her feelings about the Oxford Poetry mess into verse.

Marc Kelly Smitth, one of slam poetry's first, is worried about the artform.

Giving books in the digital age.

Facebook: coming to an e-book near you!

New York's "crowd-funded" and written book.

J.D. Salinger is suing the writer and publisher of the upcoming (and unauthorized) sequel to The Catcher in the Rye. Fanfic writers beware.

It's Google vs. Amazon. Visit your local bookie today and place your bets for the coming "standards war"!

Although the big houses were tightening their belts, the Indies got more of the spotlight at this years BEA.

Six therapists work together in what might be one of the most fertile creative writing groups.

Fantasy master and one of the creators of the "door-stopper novel," David Eddings has died at age 77.

Worried about the future of traditional publishing? Drop Dave Eggers a line. No, really, he wants you to write to him. And he'll write back, too!

Recommended summer reads from famous authors after BEA.

Use your cell phone to get published.