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Check out LAUNCH at Flatmancrooked!

Flatmancrooked's got something new and really interesting going on. The idea behind LAUNCH is this: Flatmancrooked chooses a writer whom they've published, but who, given the current circumstances of publishing, hasn’t received due attention. They set up a profile page with whatever work they've previously published by this author along with an excerpt of a new piece they'd like to print as a stand-alone book. If you (yes, you) like what you read, you can “invest” in the author and help “launch” his or her career by purchasing any number of the available shares. Each $5 share will go towards turning the excerpted story into a little book.

Last Thursday, they set up the LAUNCH page of their first author, Emma Straub. (You can also read an interview with Emma on their blog, here.) I couldn't quite figure out how far along they are in the fundraising now, but according to Twitter two days ago, Emma had only 43 shares left.

It's a novel idea (ugh, I know) and I'm curious to see how it plays out. I love to see the ways literary journals try to connect with their audience, and try to create an invested and interactive readership. Now go check it out.
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