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News Around the Net

Pilgrimage anyone? When will JK Rowling's otherworldly influx of cash slow? Never.

The Rumpus review of Nicola Keegan's debut novel Swimming. The main character, an Olympic swimmer, says, "the ache is proof of an efficient swim..." This helps explain why I am not a water person.

Oprah's been busy. Her new book club selection (a short story collection!) was announced today. And she's teamed up with Sam Mendes to bring Netherland to the big screen.

Ways to combat writer's block. These may work better than staring at a blank screen for an hour, then watching the Food Network for the rest of the night.

Innumerable puns and dirty jokes to you even more efficiently. Google will take over the world. It's coming.

Robert Olen Butler's new novel, Hell, is now at the top of my reading list. Behind The Lost Symbol, of course. Hilarious book review by the NY Times.

When do you write?
I must say, 4am is a little early for me to start. Or is it too late?

"Are you a hip-hop fan who can't tell assonance from alliteration? An English major who doesn't know Biggie from Tupac?" Yes and yes! Finally, we have answers!

Ending on a note of melancholy, poet Jim Carroll died of a heart attack last Friday in New York. He was 60. To read a fantastic obituary by the LA Times, click here.