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News Around the Net

[I'm stepping in this week for our regularly scheduled news anchor, so I apologize in advance for falling short of the caliber of comedic brilliance that you're all used to by now from him. We eagerly await his return.]

As if I needed another reason to hate on Kanye West. (You're awesome, Taylor!!!) West's graphic memoir (graphic as in illustrated, not graphic as in "contains graphic sex and violence," although it could be that, too, but I'll never know because I won't read it) "Through the Wire" will be published next month. Apparently it's his third book (who knew?), despite the fact that he is a "proud non-reader."  Epic fail.

On a happier note, Debutante Alicia shares her encouraging story of success with us, her fellow novel-publishing hopefuls, as we strive toward that ever-elusive book deal.  Win.

Not only are Balloon Boy's parents irresponsible helium-hoax-stagers, but it looks like they're plagiarizers, too.  Edgar Allen Poe: Been there, done that.  Fail.

Are you there, NCAC?  It's me, Cortney.  Thanks for supporting Judy Blume so she could mentally prepare me for The Talk with my mother.  Win.

This week's publishing buzz is all about the high-tech, fancy schmancy e-readers out there now (with, I might add, increasingly odd names, like the Nook - which, now that I think about it, is actually okay, the Alex, and the Que).  However, don't count books as down for the count just yet.  Suzanne of The Guardian makes a good case for printed books everywhere.  Huzzah!  Win.

Buck up, writers; just because we're sensitive souls doesn't mean we need to take everything as a personal insult.  All that emotion would be better served if it went into our writing.  Switzerland.