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Website of the Week: How to write a novel in 100 days or less

Are you experiencing writer’s block? Well, let’s face it: you’re probably not alone. Good thing Peace Corps Writers has some advice for those of you going through the tremendous torture of completing a novel. Whatever day you’re on in completing this fantastic piece (yes, it is fantastic, it will be fantastic!) just click on the number that corresponds to the amount of days put into it and lo and behold there are the supportive and useful words you have been looking for! What's that? You say you're on day 1, 453 of completing your novel? No matter! Clicking at random still provides helpful and yes, hopeful, tips. An example:

Day 50: The novelist and poet James Dickey, talking to students near the end of his life, said, “I don’t mean to sell the poet so long or at such great length, but I do this principally because the world doesn’t esteem the poet very much. They don’t understand where we are coming from. They don’t understand the use for us. They don’t understand if there is any use. We are the masters of the superior secret, not they. Not they. Remember that when you write.”