Hayden's Ferry Review


Calling All Creative Writing Teachers

You remember the moment. The moment when, instead of obsessing over it, dreading it, feeling all pedagogically anxious about it, you knew what exercise you were teaching in your next creative writing class. Maybe the idea dawned slowly over a week. Maybe it was an “A-ha moment,” conceived in a flash. But you were relieved. Finally, you said to yourself, I have figured out the perfect example for teaching the importance of dialogue (or setting, or transitions, or point-of-view, etc.). We’re glad that you did. Now we want you to share it.

Hayden’s Ferry Review is starting a new feature on this blog where we are collecting the best practices of writing teachers. We’re looking for your brainstorm, your cruise missile, your killer app. The exercise, writing prompt, lesson plan you wouldn't think of not doing. Share it with us and we will share it with the world. By putting these best practices out there, we’re hoping to strengthen the writing community as a whole, writers and teachers both. Submit your A-ha moment, then come back to us and read the other submissions to find out what other great teachers are doing.

See our fine first example below by BJ Hollars. And if you have your own, write to us at HFR@asu.edu and we'll consider posting it on the blog.