Hayden's Ferry Review


Issue #45 Preview: Echolilia

While searching for artwork for issue #45, the other editors and I were throwing around ideas for possible themes. Though we didn't officially choose one, there was a small group of words that kept re-surfacing - memory, fleeting, and forgetting. While sifting through the sea of potential imagery, those words acted as a guide for me and, ultimately, as the glue binding our selections together.

One aspect of memory that I felt really had to be addressed in the forthcoming issue was that of childhood. Photographer Timothy Archibald's ongoing collaborative project with his young son, Echolilia, was precisely what I was looking for. These images strike me with a haunting familiarity – almost like distant memories hiding in the back of my own unconscious.

Archibald says of the project, "when my eldest son Elijah turned five we began making photographs in a collaborative manner in which he was the subject and we both acted as the directors. I was looking for clues in the objects and poses, looking for a way to understand what makes him tick. I imagine he is collaborating with the photography as a way to understand me. Echolilia is our document of this process."

Pick up a copy of issue #45 (should arrive today!) to see more of Timothy Archibald's work, as well as other works by Beth Dow, Hong Hao, and Mark Klett.
BryonArt, Issues 41-50, Photography