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Best of 2009

The end of 2009 is approaching at the speed of the earth’s rotation and in light of that and the holiday season (because books are the greatest gift around, besides Hayden’s Ferry Review) we’ve decided to create a one-stop spot where you can find more Best Book Lists for 2009 than you’ll ever need.

Publishers Weekly said this year’s list gave staff a reason to fight…see whose books were left standing, here.

And for PW’s long list of “almosts” or more specific subcategories of the casualties check this out.

The New York Times list was a little more compromising than Publisher’s Weekly and split the 10 spaces equally amongst the best fiction and nonfiction of 2009. Read the reviews and excerpts from its best-10 here.

Or, if you have a favorite of the three NYT book critics, you can read their personal favorites of 2009, here.

The Times Literary Supplement posted its teaser of the best-10 books, here.

The Huffington Post’s Anis Shivani, the ultimate list-making softy, made not only a list of 10 amazing books, but added 11 honorable mentions for good measure.

The Millions gives us the best fiction of the millennium (so far) here.

The best 100 books of the year are here from Amazon.

And we have to give credit to the other notables over the years…because we all know that sometimes nice guys do finish last. So we’re giving you the most notable books, according to The New York Times, for the last 10 years, because this is the end of a decade…so, reminisce up before the new decade arrives!

And if none of those lists is long enough, The Guardian lists 1000 novels everyone should read. That should keep you busy!

A late edition: this meager list has been royally trumped by Largehearted Boy, who has aggregated every best-of list. Like, everywhere. Check it out here.