Hayden's Ferry Review


Classy and Curious

The Review Review takes a look at issue #45...

The front page of their website teases, "Maybe you have a poem that takes a fresh look at racism, a story that's something of a genre-blending hybrid. Maybe you too are ready for the big-time, but you've got something a little edgy, a little wacky. You might be interested in HAYDEN'S FERRY REVIEW. Learn more about this classy, curious journal by reading Vince's latest review."

We thank Vince very much, for his generous review which found its way into their "overwhelmingly positive" (the highest!) category, as did our issue #42, the last they reviewed. The new review begins:
You would do well to judge the latest issue of Hayden’s Ferry Review by its cover. The front and back cover art, from Hong Hao’s photographic series “My Things,” was made “by using the scanned images of thousands of items from the artist’s everyday life.” It can take minutes for you actually to open the magazine, as the objects, “which appear almost as satellite-like representations,” continue to draw you in. Just when you think you’re finally ready to open the cover and start reading, what should fall out but a sturdy bookmark decorated with a detail from Hao’s very cover art. This is a class opening act that sets the bar high for content. Fortunately, Hayden’s Ferry Review is up to the challenge.
Read the whole review here.
Beth StaplesIssues 41-50, Reviews