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How could a romance story between a stuffy intergalactic cop who is forced to enter a Mr. Galaxy competition and his Earth cop manager go wrong? Apparently, an Amazon reviewer thought it did and the author of the book was having none of it.

The Millions helps us judge books by their covers, sort of. I'm glad they included Under the Dome. That is one cool book cover.

In response to the Ian McEwan hate-fest from last week, there have been columnists defending him. Turns out McEwan's not the English Dan Brown because everyone hates Dan Brown. He's the English Cormac McCarthy. There are supposedly people out there who like him, but I've never met one.

What's the most popular word in story titles? No, it's not "Story," but close.

I feel like most people have discussing only the best novels of the year, so here's a small list of the best poetry books of the year. Best I could find.

Why A Christmas Carol was a financial disaster for Charles Dickens. And it had nothing to do with the sales of the book.