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News Around the Net

It's Romeo & Juliet as its remembered... or not. The Nature Theater of Oklahoma is running a version of Romeo & Juliet as people remember it from high school.

Apparently, the rough year in the publishing industry and the mass closing of book stores around the world did not hamper book sales as much as expected. Sales for the year were merely "meh" rather than catastrophically bad. Let's all thank Dan Brown.

Did Kindle books really outsell real books on Christmas? Technically, yes. Does this mark the beginning of Kindle's takeover of the publishing industry? Probably not.

If you were going to steal a book, which book would it be? The most common stolen book: the Bible. Yes, the "thou shalt not steal" Bible.

A donor is willing to donate $5,000 to the literary journal One Story, but there's a catch. I don't know what to make of this. Sure, its nice and everything, but it's also a little cruel.

This 90 year old woman just got her first book published. Congrats! And that means I have a little under seventy years to match her.

University of Chicago students sum up over eighty literary classics in twenty tweets or less. Need to have Anna Karenina read in five minutes? Who has time for CliffNotes anyway?