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News Around the Net

Remember when I said e-books outsold real books on Christmas? Now, I'm not an on the economy or anything (or as that guy on Jerry Springer this morning called it, the "ecomony"), but this seems like a valid reason for e-books to outsell real books. Start the revolution!

Have you worked as an odor tester? Chimney sweeper? Chicken sexer? Well then maybe you have a novel in you and some good book jacket fodder. What your publisher probably won't tell people is what else you've done with your time. Like your real jobs.

The Millions breaks down New Yorker fiction by gender and nationality. Here's to being an American male. We totally rock out all over the New Yorker.

Joyce Carol Oates has had her first book of 2010 released. Who wants to guess when the second will be? I'm going to guess tomorrow.

Stephen King releases books nearly as often as Joyce Carol Oates and he's still finding time to move into music (albeit slightly, actually not really at all). Also see - picture of King in cutoff t-shirt. Fantastic.

What's that? Want more publishing doom speech? I can accommodate you.