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News Around the Net

Head of Apple, Steve Jobs, presents the iPad. It's like the Kindle, apparently, except better in every way you can think of. And some that you probably can't.

More on Jobs and the iPad - Jobs is getting in on ripping Amazon early on this. Nerd fight! Hopefully this gets more fun.

Someone thinks young adult books should have ratings. I do not. When was this guy in high school? Does he not remember what went on there? Way to be old. And by the way, three paragraphs into the post, he admits that there is a rating on the book. What is he even arguing?

Check out illustrators picturing their favorite authors. Starts off well with C.S. Lewis and a giant red nose.

Is it really important where a writer is from? Does it matter that AS Byatt can only think of one Albanian author? I don't know. Probably not. Although it does give some European artists another way to look down their noses at America. So there's always that.

Here's some literary mythbusters for you, if you'd like to see another side of Fitzgerald and Hemingway. And of course you do want to.

A good, long list of famous literary drunks and addicts. Could they not find a more creepy picture of Stephen King? Or a funnier one of William Faulkner?