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What could save fiction? Apparently, it's university presidents and writers not being terrible. Great piece here on 'the death of fiction' and the questionable future of literary journals.

The problems of creating an authentic young narrator. Compounding these problems is the fact that real teenagers swear and stuff. If a writer were to write in an 'authentic' young person's voice, he or she would have middle aged fathers after them about how he would never let his kids read it. (See last week's post)

The Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America angrily removes Amazon links from their website because of Amazon's removal of some of scifi writers from databases. Insert mother's basement joke here.

The problems at Harper's, as well as more on the death of small magazines.

The literature of the ten billion movies nominated for best picture at this year's Oscar's. Okay, so it's only ten, but four of them are based on recent novels.

The New York Times recently held a panel to discuss whether Catcher in the Rye still resonated with young readers. Absent from said panel? Young Readers. They were able to show up in the comments section though.

Through all the doom and gloom, Nathan Bransford is staying positive about the future of books and authors. And that's why we love him.

Great literary addicts. This is not a suggestion for how to spend your weekend.