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Goodbye to Barry Hannah

I remember reading Airships for the first time, shortly after college: that feeling of excitement you get when you read something you know is way smarter than you, followed by a little bit of sadness, knowing you may never write something quite so great. The line "I want to sleep in her uterus with my foot hanging out" from the story "Love Too Long" was pretty much the greatest thing I could imagine a guy thinking about a girl. I wanted my boyfriend at the time to think about my uterus like that.

Hannah wrote about messy people with quirky preoccupations, but no matter how grotesque or bizarre, he was always honest. An honesty that took your breath away, that made you want to be even more honest yourself. He'll make you laugh, too. If you haven't read him, do yourself a favor.

The remembrances flood the internet. Here's a few: The New York Times, Vanity Fair, The Rumpus.