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News Around the Net

In the new edition of the "Daniyal Mueeuddin's short story collection wins things" series, he wins the Story Prize. Congrats.

Some more advice for young and aspiring writers. Read! Read a whole lot, apparently. Maybe even more than you write.

Why don't books of poetry sell at the bookstore? Because people are afraid of the truth!

Penguin is turning books into movies. And music or something. No, really. I think they're starting to lose track of the point. But, I like reading! Sigh.

Essay by a woman who writes. Writes in coffee shops, office buildings, next to crazy and/or homeless people. Anywhere but home.

Want to make your own Jane Austen movie on the web? Now you can! They're even complete with silly graphics and robot voices!

What's your least favorite malaprop or mispronunciation? Mine: "I could care less!"

Lorin Stein named the new editor of The Paris Review. I was hoping for it, but I knew something was up when I didn't get the call.

Think you're the only one that hates Dave Eggers? Think again.