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News Around the Net

The National Book Critics Circle Awards have been announced. And Hilary Mantel adds to her Booker Prize. Congrats.

If you're into Cormac McCarthy (and who isn't?), you might want to check out this spring's issue of The Phoenix, the University of Tennessee's literary journal. They're publishing two uncollected works by Cormac from 1959 and 1960. Kind of a big deal.

On getting started in publishing. Best (and most depressing) part: "It's easy to get published; it's just hard to get paid." Oh well...

Virginia Woolf said all a woman needs to write a novel are money and a room of her own. The Hoskins Houses Trust is taking that literally. Why can't a homeless person write a masterpiece? All they need is a street corner of their own.

Which writer's career would you most like to emulate? Do you even have to ask? Pick from the list: Dan Brown, JK Rowling, or a certain founder of a Bay Area quarterly. More on him some other time.

The writing archive of David Foster Wallace has been acquired by the University of Texas at Austin. Soon, all his unpublished manuscripts and early drafts will be open to the public. Is that even a good thing? Isn't the finished product all that matters?

Poetry in the digital age. Welcome to the 21st Century!