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News Around the Net

Stephanie Meyer's new book will be good for something. I promise. Even if it doesn't benefit the intellect of its readers, at least it'll benefit the American Red Cross.

Publishers are back in control of new release e-book sales. I guess The Man wins again.

Margaret Atwood is on Twitter. Finally. Some things just make you feel ashamed on the most basic level. Margaret Atwood is more technologically knowledgeable than me.

A literary April Fools' joke. Science fiction writer turns to paranormal romance. It's sad though, with the popularity of Twilight, this book would have totally been successful. He should write it anyway. But hold off on Atlas Rebound, the not-so-anticipated sequel to Atlas Shrugged.

An overlooked effect e-books have on us. How can we judge books by covers if they don't have covers? How will we know whether that girl on the bus is reading War & Peace or Twilight? How will we attempt flirtatious conversation? What will we do?

Graduate students at Vanderbilt University have launched a literary journal, The Nashville Review. The first issue, entirely online, was launched April 1. It will publish three issues yearly. Super cool.

The iPad will be released this weekend, but for all the attention it's getting, will it really matter?