Hayden's Ferry Review


News Around the Net

JK Rowling will be back for another billion dollars, in ten years.

Who says you can't make money writing poetry?  Not Harryette Mullen.  She just got a bunch of money from Poets and Writers Magazine as the winner of the 4th Jackson Poetry Prize.

Good news, everyone.  Scrabble is not actually changing.  At least not in America.  And that's the important thing.

Ever wanted to rank poets by their beards?  I just think it's difficult to beat Walt Whitman.  And it's impossible not to beat Henry David Thoreau.  Absolutely shameful.

What's your "gap" book?  The book people can't believe you've never read.  As for me, I've never read anything by Dickens.  Not a single sentence.  So ha!

I'm a little late on this one.  Sherman Alexie won the PEN/Faulkner Prize for his new book War Dances.  His award room is probably getting a little full.  Maybe he needs to create an awards wing, or maybe a separate awards house.