Hayden's Ferry Review


Some Collected Prompts for Weekend Munchies

Time for some weekend writings. If you're feeling a little short of (idea)breath, here's some prompts to help get started:

1 - "The possibilities of synesthesia in relation to language and words: the word and the letter as sensations, colors evoked by letters, sensations caused by the sound of a word as apart from its meaning, etc. And the effect of this phenomenon on you; for example, write in the water, on a moving vehicle."

2 - Sestina, sestina, sestina! Some might call this a form of the French middle finger. It's a doozy.

3 - In a house/apartment/building that you feel somewhat attached to, walk around with a notebook and write a stanza in each different room. Contrast setting and sensory detail with memory.

4 - Take a page out of the latest Hayden's Ferry (not literally), and section out a page or two of one of your favorite prose pieces. With a heavy black sharpie, black out lines except for words and phrases of interest. Construct a poem out of what you have left clear.

Want some more? I'm finding tons of ideas here.
Brittany Herman