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Website of the Week - Poems that GO

The Random House Dictionary defines poh-i-tree as "the art of rhythmical composition, written or spoken, for exciting pleasure by beautiful, imaginative, or elevated thoughts." Poems that GO is a project that challenges the conventions of contemporary poetry in ways that stretch and mold works into new-media aesthetics. The question presented: what makes a poem a poem? At what point do words become songs; when are visual representations of words transformed into cinema? The practice of etymology plays a critical role and impresses a technological wisdom upon new representations of what is labeled as "poetry".

This is seriously thinking outside the box, guys.

What's particularly interesting is the rhythm that naturally occurs when motion, sound, image, text, and code are mixed together. I really enjoyed the piece Nine by Jason E. Lewis, which is an interactive dynamic poem that explores different dimensions of the lives the artist has stumbled into.

Poems that GO is a brave movement that challenges this generation to soak in media as a form of expression, and to define written pieces as something louder beyond the blank page. Through new observations in motion and graphics, we can define and heighten the volume of poetry in how we make sense of modern language.