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Website of the Week - Very Bad Poetry

"It's difficult to understand how, in this age of information, poems that merely miss the mark can be tossed into the cold world to fend for themselves, only to whither and be forgotten." You know you've written them, that appalling first draft of a poem: so infused with bad rhyme, a misinterpreted form, cringe-worthy images, or some awful reference to outdated pop culture. At Very Bad Poetry, there's a home for the best of the worst. Here is a bit from Julia Flores' "How":
"How Grandma Robot manages fear:
She looks up words and drinks some beer.

Here they are.

Dendrite vessel
rootlike harp
sand suds
horse moth
crystallized mineral
roomy psychic depression.

(Please barge anticlockwise to announce)

Frivol Grub Burgles Free Abandoned Hourglass."
The website provides an inventory for the poems that just slightly missed the mark, and serves the purpose of keeping those horrific, overlooked poems out of their crumpled position in the trash.

It's also there to make you feel good about yourself. This is bad, folks. Yours can't get much worse than this. So here's a pat on the back and a cookie for that awful metaphor, okay? You're allowed to just let go, and write some very bad poetry. We all do it.